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Our Mission

The Langston in the 21st Century foundation is a nonprofit organization designed to provide accessible and affordable modern sports and recreation, educational programs to benefit the Washington, DC community.  The Foundation provides a Sports and Learning Center to support and manage a performance-based incentive for youth enrolled in the program.

The collaborative group consists of the following educational and public institutions: the John Mercer Langston Golf Course (National Park Service), Howard University, selected District of Columbia Schools, and the Langston 21st Century Foundation.

This collaboration is a prime setting in which to develop and implement interventions to promote health, fitness, and recreational behavior for a lifetime.  Health, fitness, and leisure beliefs and practices are evolving throughout childhood, late adolescence and beyond, thus warranting programs that support healthy lifestyles.  Public schools and after school recreation settings provide a unique environment in which physical activity information and promotion efforts can be delivered to a large number of children and youth before they enter college or the workforce.  However, few projects have been proposed to identify the key components that will increase the likelihood of participation in health, physical fitness and leisure behavior later in life as a result of school-based and after school health, physical education, and recreation and leisure programs.